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How to Select USB Port for AVRDUDESS in Linux

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I have the GUI loaded and I'm trying to access a USB programmer (

From reading, the USB driver for Windows doesn't support XP, but I'm using Ubuntu regardless. I'm use to Windows where I click and it installs the driver.

When I load the AVRDUDESS GUI in Unbunu, it shows a list of ports, but they are all TTYSx.

I'm assuming I need to install a Linux driver for this programmer, but, after nearly two-hours of searching, I can't figure out how to get Linux to see the programmer.

Any advice?

These USB devices usually show up as ttyUSB0 or ttyACM0. You should be able to see it detected in the system logs. To make them available to non-root accounts, you need a udev rule to set the appropriate permission and group ownership.

Search for howtos relating to USB ASP and USB ISP programmers for AVR.

I had tried this:

It responds with: /dev/bus/usb/003..... no such file or director.

I assume the website is using some directory that something is located, but I'm uncertain what to put here.

The actual device path may differ. You should use the USB vendor and device IDs that pertain to your device for the udev rule. Does lsusb show that the device has been detected?

If I'm reading the lsusb correctly (a command I was just introduced to), it seems to detect a device named:

Van Ootjen Techntsche Informatica shared ID for use with libsub

When I remove the programmer, this disappears.


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