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I need a program to measure angles from picture

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So, I am analyzing a lot of bicycle frames, all classic (70s, 80s, 90s), and during my studies I am trying to understand their geometries in terms of biomechanics.

I need to extranct geometry parameters from frames.

Unfortunately I cannot work with real frames, just pictures, on which I'd like to make measures (at least):
- tubes length
- angle between two tubes

Is there a program I can use to load a pic as background layer and make measures over it?

Opensource, if possible, so I will run it on my risc workstation.
Thanks  :-DMM

(I'm secretly looking at the Marvin' and Greg Lemond's frames.
I drove a US-made Marvin 3AL-2.5V-TI in the 1990s
and took many photos to capture all the geometry secrets of it)

Some kind of CAD program can do that. You generally import the picture into your drawing then draw lines along the tubes. The program can tell you the angle between those lines.

Or you can do it the old way, print the pictures and use manual tools. ;D

GIMP can do that.


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