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Idea: just nuke the "computing" child boards


I see that the whole "computing" section has been collapsed into a single board in "products".
Can't say I'm surprised ;)

Quite the contrary, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to further remove some or all of the child boards.
In particular, "networking" and "security" have always been pretty much dead, methinks "general computing" could easily absorb their traffic and more people would actually see the threads (I for one rarely bothered venturing to those boards).

Not sure about the others; "programming" and "vintage" are somewhat active at least.

And now that "general computing" became the parent board of the whole lot,

--- Quote ---PC's, Macs, Tablets, phone thingoes etc
--- End quote ---
I suppose SBCs could be added to this list.

It'd be nice if you could apply one or more tags to posts that way if someone wants to see everything, they can, or if they just wanted to see "Vintage Computing" tagged posts, they can as well.

Forums like the Ubiquiti Community Forum does this

You could choose from specific pre-set tags or specify things down to a granular level such as a specific model number (if applicable).

Can't see why embedded, and perhaps programming, are in general computing - those two (and particularly the first) are much more about design, whereas most of computing is about using (off-the-shelf parts usually).

[Edit] In fact, the reason I am posting this here much after the fact is because I used to monitor embedded and programming and then lost sight of them when they moved. I only just stumbled onto them again because normally I avoid general computing (boring, many other better resources for computing issues, etc) so didn't spot them until accidentally clicking the wrong forum to view.

Not a huge fan of child boards, it just adds another layer of indirection and is one way to kill traffic to those sub forums. Just have a Programming and Computing main boards, and that's it. Don't need to split hairs about sub categories too much.


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