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--- Quote from: brucehoult on November 07, 2019, 05:20:19 am ---My current home office work machine is a 32 core ThreadRipper that I built in April. Apple announced a 29 core Xeon W Mac Pro in June but I think hasn't yet shipped it. I haven't Hackintoshed my Threadripper because I'm doing more work directly with Ubuntu these days, and my 2011 17" i7 MacBook Pro does everything I need MacOS for.

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Ever thought of running a Hackintosh in a VM? It's pretty easy these days with QEMU. If you need decent GPU performance you can use VFIO to pass a Vega 56/64 through to the VM.

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Yes I've done that before and have XP and OSX images for virtualbox sitting around somewhere. I haven't actually run them on this machine yet...

Electro Detective:

--- Quote from: Simon on November 07, 2019, 08:03:22 am ---
what really pisses me off is that virtually every laptop ships with only one stick of RAM even though every processor now is dual channel and with integrated graphics you really need that extra channel.
Often the RAM speeds are lower than those supported.

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It's where they try save a buck to meet a marketing dept. price point,
and other stupid penny pinching **** they get up to, that just succeeds to scare off future customers to look around for 'better value' 
not that any coffeeholic marketing team of iced fools would ever pick that up  :palm:

Ram speed aside, I usually hunt down an exact matching ram stick for cheap on Ebay from another frustrated owner  :horse: that's upgraded to some killa ram, and wack it in.

Dual channel, twice the ram, -CHEAP-
hey, I can live with any speed downsides  :clap:

Thing is my laptop although a few years old is perfectly fine for me. But it was souped up to the hilt on arrival. it will last twice as long as a cheaper laptop two of which would have cost more than this one anyway and i have a more pleasant experience for years....

since i cant build a laptop from zero (no generic hung low casing and generic hardwares for that), so its always a brand name, not the high end though. i wont pick the name, but the spec and affordability (bang per buck). it just happened recently Acer Aspire 5 was picked for the wifey due to latest Intel gen among whats around the shopping mall. what i did i will go round the mall looking at the best at each shop, compare and go back to the shop who got the best option among them. since SWMBO cant catch up i asked her to stay put where she is and later drag her to there to make the purchase. there's empty slot for RAM and upgradable to nvme but thats for later. whats nice is laptop brand or hung low will always/usually have panel with a screw to easily open to make the upgrade. so i'd rather laptop with empty slots than full beefed laptop but expensive. though, i never need a laptop, but i can recommend to others and point to someone who can repair it since i dont repair laptop since its a dog arse to dismantle wholly, please dont ask me to repair spilled keyboard :scared: and btw, my old Q9400 running XPx86 runs much faster than the wifey's Aspire 5 running Win10x64 :P i guess due to bloatwareness of Win10.

Well mine was upgraded by a third party so was cheaper than what I would of paid HP for a fully speced machine


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