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Installing Samsung M2020 printer with Linux Mint

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When I recommend Linux to Windows users and they say they hate the command line and spending hours trying to install a driver... and I say nah, it's not like that any more.

I am running Linux Mint 20 (Ubuntu) and I have a Samsung M2020 printer connected to the Windows computer but I have to boot up Windows just to print a page. So, about once a year I think I am going to connect the printer to the Linux computer... and I soon remember that I tried it before and after much frustration I gave up. And I end up printing with Windows. And realizing those who criticize Linux for this are right in this case.

Yesterday I spent some hours but had to give up. I have searched high and low and tried a bunch of things but it just won't work. Many pages with cryptic instructions linking to pages which no longer exist and warning you have to uninstall any driver files which might be there but with no way of knowing what they are and how to get rid of them The kind of Linux people complain about.

So, in case someone knows the trick or feels like helping here is what I aim trying to connect:

Desktop: Cinnamon 4.8.6, Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa , (base: Ubuntu 20.04 )
Printer: Samsung Xpress SL-M2020

I understand Samsung printers was bought by HP so now are HP and HP has no interest in supporting them and much less in Linux.

Does it connect via wifi? On ubuntu with a brother printer all i had to do was make sure the printer is connected to the network and it just appears in the printer list,nothing extra needed.

No WIFI. USB printer. With Windows plug it in and it works. With Linux it does recognize it as Samsung M2020 but that's it.

Don't have that printer, can not say if it can be used from Linux or not.

Since you print only once in a while, create a Windows virtual machine inside Linux, and install the windows drivers for your printer inside the virtual machine, and let the Windows VM to handle the printer and share it over LAN (to your Linux host only).

When you want to print, start the Windows VM first (takes only a few seconds), then print from Linux to the shared printer handled by the Windows virtual machine.  Use the oldest possible Windows that still has drivers for your printer, WinXP if possible (to keep the VM small and fast), and isolate the VM from Internet, so you won't have to deal with unwanted updates/upgrades/other Windows annoyances or vulnerabilities.

Yeah. Peripheral hardware support in Linux sucks. Sad but true.


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