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Intel considering making new CPUs 64 bit only

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My take is that as a slightly more conservative step, keep an Atom or Quark core for the 16 and 32 bit compatibility. Then once running in 64 bit mode, that legacy core gets reused for simple tasks like power management or audio DSP.

The thing that always happens in the moves like this is the result gets smeared with a thick coat of DRM and other proprietary BS so that no code runs without company's blessing and signed startup code along with the backdoors.. And then the company loses interest and the hardware dies because it has no longevity  outside of the corporate interest.

And there is no chance that current design driven purely by corporate interests would result in anything that is in the interest of the consumers.

Well, going to 64-bit only would make sense for future CPUs.

The only thing I'm thinking of is that everytime Intel has tried to break backwards compatibility, even when it appeared to make complete sense, it has bitten them sharply.

Sure, I'd love to have a simplified and straightforward boot process. But the last time  they simplified the boot process instead of a straightforward BIOS we ended up with UEFI crap. I have zero confidence that they likewise don't screw up the hardware part of it.

And of course all the limitations would be for "our protection". Think of the children and all that.

I wonder why even ask for public comments? Would they even listen?

Consult the Intel Management Engine for the answer  :palm:
The X86-S spec is already 46 pages of spaghetti.
At some point they need to dump the old antique 80x86 legacy, have you ever looked at a i7 CPU manual for example, it's so complicated that any competitor offering simple will simply flatten their balls.
Bus width is not the issue, unless you want to calm down investors as Intel stock sucks for some time now, and appear to have a plan or something.
Intel is so off course, high on their laurels that I don't think they can pull off anything successful.


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