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Intel Xeon X5570 @2.93GHZ LGA1366 (SLBF3)


just wondered if this cpu is faster/better than an amd fx8350?


--- Quote from: m3vuv on December 08, 2021, 10:44:26 am ---just wondered if this cpu is faster/better than an amd fx8350?

--- End quote ---

2 cents of my personal money on this topics..

InteL XXX  or AMD xxxx ???

Forget all about these sites comparing "beast CPU x" with "beast CPU y"
They do not make any sense at all..
in particular when done with WINTEL kernels and MS "applets.."

All you need is ask yourself (or sketch on paper)
what this CPU is meant for and how much will cost ?

**IF**  you can  compile the system yourself (aka using a distro for that)
like a half dozen available...  the answer will always tend to AMD...

Reason being from my own money put on these setups..
- Optimized KERNELS compiled for AMD tend to be better... and safer..
- AMD has been order of magnitude more compatible and friendly.
- the 2 reasons above will allow you to choose better compile time options...
- better and wider MOBO alternatives ... and
- better  low level drivers for these MOBOS.

the last reason/rationale will let you have a very fine grained scheduler
and the proper compile time options + scheduler will give you a much faster system..

All scenarios.. LowLatency - server like loads... or simple desktops..

I have 3 base setups on this
- A very low latency
- A very nice Workstation for EDA and stuff
- A nice ongoing NAS server...

All AMD...  cause my Intel builds are always steps behind that..
reasons ... the poor compatible options of MOBOs /chipsets..
compiler options..  insane changes in sockets.. etc et al..

Also it will cost less...


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