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Interesting Windows 10 problem

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I have an interesting Windows 10 problem on one of my machines, I would be interested to know if anyone else has had this and managed to fix it.

Computer working fine and I shut it down properly etc, it gets left for a few weeks, I go to turn it on, hits the login screen, I log in and the screen goes black with the mouse cursor (moveable), I can CTRL + ALT + DEL, so I load Task manager, explorer process is running, I close it and open it a few times, nothing changes, I can run chrome and all other apps fine, 20 - 30 mins later the desktop and taskbar appears and everything works fine, nothing in event logs and no obvious reason, device manager shows all devices are OK.

This is repeatable everytime, anyone have any ideas?

The machine is not on the network so it has an older Windows 10 version, but it was working absolutely fine and suddenly it just did this.


David Hess:
1. Check the error logs for warnings and errors.  Look especially for disk errors.  Check the SMART logs also.

2. Check that none of the drives are full.  If the drive where temporary files is stored runs out of space, Windows gets weird.


If yes monitor back light problem?


It was the Icon cache, needed deleting so it could rebuild again..... |O


--- Quote from: Wilksey on September 22, 2021, 01:43:29 pm ---Solved!

It was the Icon cache, needed deleting so it could rebuild again..... |O

--- End quote ---

Really? The infamous icon cache issues have been plaguing Windows for AGES. Fricking f*ck! :-DD


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