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Is it now worth trying Windows 11?

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Windows 11 came out to make use of efficiency and performance cores for Intel.

While a lot of Windows works ok some of it is a real pain.
Trying to setup a wifi link from desktop to laptop has bits all over the place that need to be right at both ends.
To be user friendly I should be able to set up the link on one page.

With Windows 10 came extra security which previously Windows was poor for.

For the most part I've only heard bad things about Win 11 (this sort of stuff ).

To improve security I'd tend to recommend people move over to Linux (which also hands you back control of your own system rather than having M$ make you ever more cloud dependent). If one needs, as we so often do, Windows exe software there is a small chance it will work under the Wine compatibility layer (some things workperfectly, others not at all), but otherwise one can always put any Windows version in to a virtual machine so as to run Windows programs in their native environment whilst having a more stable and controllable Linux (Mint, Ubuntu... one of the more uer friendly "easy"distributions rather than the "hardcore" "terminal for everything handle dependcies yourself" distros) host system.


--- Quote from: james_s on February 22, 2023, 09:39:42 pm ---and shipping a "minimum viable product" (garbage)

--- End quote ---

I remember well when this word became a thing.  We went from building things that worked to having some CIO tell us no no, we can get away with this "minimum viable product" shit.

It has merit as a term, but I saw it sold as a feature when it was really presenting the user an incomplete solution. "Hey we can deploy it now whammo!" The next word that was usurped to describe the missing parts of the solution were now "technical debt."

An incomplete solution is "viable" and what you couldn't get done is a "debt."  George Carlin lives.

It might not sound as bad as it is... they'll get the missing pieces, right?  No.  In comes the next fun word... "re-prioritization" usually coupled with the word "meeting."

Re-prioritiation always favored what is new and shiny... because technically the other project is finished "its viable" remember, and we just owe a debt.  You have no idea how many crippled solutions get built with this mentality and never get fixed because nobody will pay for it.  Its hard enough for departments to get "prioritization" from IT, when they finally do, they get half of what they wanted, and will never get any attention again.

You can draw a line right from Microsoft to this mentality.  Its incredible how such an averge-at -best company keeps scoring losses and is still viable.  Their OS is a data mining  piece of shit.


--- Quote from: james_s on February 22, 2023, 09:39:42 pm ---
--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on February 22, 2023, 08:23:21 pm ---It's kind of sad to see how badly they have managed to mess Windows up.

I think the main issue with Windows has always been with MS trying to copycat others while consistently failing.

--- End quote ---

The thing I see is that when they try to copy others, they fundamentally miss why the thing they're trying to copy is popular and they copy the wrong aspects of it.

--- End quote ---

They fundamentally have no vision, which I think is what has "plagued" MS as much as it has helped them, and which I think explains why they consistently miss innovations and end up catching up somewhat by shelling out gigantic amounts of cash. They keep jumping on bandwagons. They have rarely created them, if ever.

Their success though is largely due to a series of nasty commercial practices (like when they have prevented PC vendors from selling their machines with anything else than Windows if they wanted to sell Windows at all), all the drama with Internet Explorer, the forced updates, and so on. And with the reaped cash, they can spend billions for making up for bad strategic decisions.

That may sound a bit harsh but I think that pretty much sums it up in a simplified way.

And they'll keep doing what they have always done. They'll jump on the latest bandwagon without quite understanding it -  it has been the cloud, and now it's AI that's all the rage - and force their way until most people have almost no choice  but use their products.

Win 12 is in the works and besides small changes in the UI, it's going to be pumped full of AI-related tools. Expect ten times the amount of "phoning home" to make it all work.

Been using win 11 on my high end water cooled gaming rig since the beta with zero problems.


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