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Is it now worth trying Windows 11?

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I am mulling over whether to install Windows 11. Is it too early, or should I wait another year? I heard Windows 11 has been plagued by bugs, driver problems and compatibility issues. I need to look at the risk versus benefit of upgrading the OS. Last think I want to do it to have to buy some hardware because of "Bloody Bill Gates", or some software package ceases to work and uninstall/reinstall does not fix it. I use Altium, Fusion 360, Prus slicer, Brother P-Touch, Brother MFC-L2730DW, Code Composer, Arduino IDE, ESP32 Espressif-IDE, Cypress PSOC creator, Bitscope, Labview, Visual Studio, LTSpice and a host of other peripheral and software.

Do any of you use Windows 11 with any of the above and had driver issues or software issues? What performance or usability improvement is there over Windows 10? If it is another "Where Do You Want to Go To Today" O/S, I'll stick with Windows 10.

I have been burnt in the past by Microsoft's O/S update. In one case I have to throw an expensive Canon laser printer out when I went to Windows 7 (will never buy Canon again). Besides, Microsoft said Windows 10 will be the last O/S from them. We knew they were talking :bullshit: at the time. Hmm, why did they change their minds and update to 11 then?

- Dave

IMHO the only reason to update from Windows 10 to 11 is if Windows 11 has some feature or features you need that are not present in 10. If Windows 10 is working fine for you there would be no urgent reason to change.

Even if there are performance improvements, that would only matter if you are unsatisfied with the performance of what you have. And if you are unsatisfied with the performance of your current system, you would probably do better to upgrade the hardware in some way (more memory, SSD, etc.).

I wouldn't. From what little experience I've had with it, it's like Windows 10 only worse, and 10 is already virtually unusable.

I use both daily - Windows 10 on my work-issued laptop and Windows 11 on a personal dev PC that I was using for work until I got their issued laptop. There's not a huge difference, but I prefer Windows 11.

I can't vouch for any of the programs you've mentioned, but have not had any compatability issues at all - even with potentially fussy apps like custom builds of Unreal Engine.

It sounds like you have no real reason to upgrade but I doubt you'll have any problems either.

I only use Windows for games so I still run Windows 7, though I can see Windows 10 probably will be necessary in the not too distant future. So I would say that if 10 is working for what you use it for, don't change.


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