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itunes on windows xp ... menus don't shot any text


i am trying to make good use of old laptops by assigning them the purpose of media player.

They are running Windows XP SP3, I have installed iTunes v12.1.3

Software requirements:

* Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later
but ... as you can see in the screenshoot, menus don't show any text.

Any idea?  :-//


Rick Law:
I am no expert.  Until someone who has more concise answers, this may give you a starting point:

I suspect some support stuff in the middle that iTune is relying on is missing.  I would suspect something like directX, QuickTime, or something like that.  QuickTime is Apple stuff, so between directX and quicktime, try installing quicktime and then reinstall iTune again if needed.

Also, if you could find older versions, get iTune of the Xp-Sp3 era instead of much later iTune that says it support Xp.

I have iTunes running on two XP machines with SP3.

I see that I also have DirectX 9 and QuickTime 7.6.6 installed.

It may be that you just don't have any albums added to iTunes.
Try to see if the menus show by clicking the upper left and 'Show Menu Bar'.


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