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since few months ago the PC started behaving weirdly. Initially minor things then more and more. I cannot reinstall it because of some software I cannot find the serial number of and the company is not in business anymore. I always had full antivirus and ran full test several times but it shows there's nothing there. I also only visit well known and reliable websites only.

Since maybe 2-3 weeks ago it stated rampin up with all sorts of insane behaviour like apps starting by themselves, youtube continuosly reverting to 480p, every app extremely slow, file explorer running at very high CPU usage (20 to 40%) even when all apps are closed and dropbox is fully synched. USB devices disconnecting and reconnecting all by themselves. And the list goes on and on.

Then since few days ago the keyboard started disconnecting every few minutes and/or autotyping. The the blue screen hapened several times.

I tried uninstalling the latest updates and that seemed to have sorted the blue screen. But the keyboard I have to continuously unplug and plug back in which is insane.

Fort he first time it shows multiple (5) keyboards in device manager (it always only showed a single keyboard). I uninstalled the driver, updated it, ran keyboard fix (which showed all along that the best driver is already installed).

Any suggestions on how to fix at least he keyboard?

Thank you :)

Seems like very odd behaviour. I wonder if the keyboard is messed up and randomly typing stuff, which may be launching programs or sending out strange keyboard combinations that are causing odd window behaviour. If you want to isolate it to the keyboard, maybe try another keyboard? Get a good known working keyboard and plug it in and see if that resolves the problem... and maybe take the suspected "bad" keyboard and try it on another computer and see what happens?

Let us know the result and we can continue to trouble-shoot from there. Good luck!

Thank you Edy,
that was my first thought and tried a brand new one. But not much difference. Also the caps lock started being inverted. So it needs to be ON for the letters to be lower case.

Not to mention several USB devices disconnecting and reconnecting while thye are not even being used (like the ICD4, Jlink segger, webcam, usb mic).

Any other suggestions?

Are there more powerful virus checker than Kaspersky? Could a virus have caused that?

I'm asking because other weird things also have been happening for a while. For example on Farnell and Parcel2Go websites suddenly I cannot change the delivery address or other details, when clicking on those buttons they just refresh the page and remain on the same page. The VPN shows connected while windows shows no network/internet. Sites like youtube often do not load or play very slow (I have very fast broadband).

Not to mention Chrome/Google that keeps asking for the Captcha multiple times a day (that happens on my phone too).

Chrome also showing 50+ windows open in task manager when there is only one (and only 5 plugins installed). Creating a folder sometimes takes 20-30 seconds. Office apps closing themselves when I am not even using them (they are just in the background on another display). Some websites log out within seconds of loggin in.

Thank you :)

My first idea was a defective keyboard or mouse - but you ruled the keyboard out and the mouse is new, IIRC.
Second suspect might be RAM going bad, but I'd rather expect many crashes (both applications and system) in that case.

You might try scanning with malwarebytes, it sometimes catches stuff other AVs don't see.

Next step is probably this

I would try to isolate this to a hardware or software issue. One way to check is boot up a live Linux distro and see if it behaves similarly. Do you a "live CD" or "live USB" that you can boot up from? For example, something like this:

If it is still behaving erratically then I would guess it to be something with the hardware. A fresh clean live USB or DVD should function perfectly if the hardware is ok. If something is wrong on your motherboard, memory, or something is up with chipset or certain controllers, it may be creating glitches.

If you find the hardware is ok, then it is your Windows installation that is messed up and it may be very difficult to track down the culprit especially if you said virus checkers are showing no results. However, since you mentioned that the reason you don't want to just wipe the machine and start fresh is that there is some special software you use that you no longer have the key for.... You need to ask yourself, if my computer dies (e.g. hard drive failure), then what will you do? Are any alternatives available?

Perhaps while you have a chance, try to figure out how to copy the software over to another machine and see if it will still run (copy all files, registry key entries, etc). Meanwhile if your hardware is bad... you will have to start swapping out components one by one to see if it resolves the problem. You may have no choice but to move your hard drive over to another machine and try to get Windows to boot on it without complaining too much. Either way it will put an end to your use of the special software that you no longer can get a license key for.

Easiest step now is just boot off good media like a live USB/DVD and see if you get same problem, which may help isolate it to either hardware or software. Good luck!


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