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Language/ compiler and the most apropriate CPU to run the application.

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--- Quote from: IconicPCB on June 19, 2019, 02:52:20 am ---Is it reasonable to expect that the development platform/language/ libraries used in writing an application will result in a preference for a  CPU in terms of number of cores/ threads etc?
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In short, no, it is not reasonable.

If you are creating an application you need to consider your customers and consumers of that application. Therefore you first need to consider what platform your consumers will be using: iPhone, Android, tablet, Windows PC, Apple PC, web app, cloud, etc.

With that established you need to consider what development platform, language, libraries are most effective in delivering to that target platform. Then you need to develop with those requirements in mind.

You always have to put customers first if you want to stay in business. Except in special cases, you cannot dictate what your customers must use to run your application. If you do want to dictate that, you probably need to sell the hardware and software as a bundle (as Apple does).


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