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Over the years, everyone, (myself included), has had their own various favorite 'sites' for downloading
the full proper service manuals for various Laptops. I mainly use them to find the various 'hidden' clips
and screws, and the order needed, for basic disassembly.  Would be great if they were all in one place.  :-+

I'm sure there are others, but one Aussie Tech was supplying all he ever found, at...
(AND drivers too!)

However, Toshiba in their wisdom forced him to remove about 300 of their tech manuals. (See site above).  >:(
Virtually every other brands manuals can still be found at the above site. But all is not lost!!

There is a Web Archiving site...   that has a prior backup!  Here...
Scroll down to 'Toshiba', and they are ALL there...  :box:
No other companies cause such a problem.

Better post in repair section instead of pouring every new threads in general section.

Sorry, BravoV.
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Many sections created for a reason.


--- Quote from: GlennSprigg on January 22, 2020, 01:35:48 pm ---However, Toshiba in their wisdom forced him to remove about 300 of their tech manuals.

--- End quote ---
In other words, they don't want us to fix their products so let's boycott them!


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