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laptop with the longest battery life?

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I got a Lenovo X240 2014 model. Got it used for about 2000 NOK (250$) in 2019 so you can probably get one for less now.
This laptop got dual batteries one internal and one external.
If you get a similar and a few batteries you are probably good.
You should also consider replacing the internal battery if you manage to get one.
If the laptop got a mechanical drive replacing for a SSD would also give you som extra time.

Take a look at the Lenovo T480, it's a dual battery laptop, 3 cell internal and your choice of 3, 6, or 9 cell externals - I believe with the 3 cell internal & 9 cell external it can deliver what you're looking for - PLUS - if you buy a few extra externals, and have them fully charged, you can run until the first external is discharged, then remove and replace with the second, without powering off or "suspending" the laptop whilst this is being done.

The 480 is a 14" screen and available with a touchscreen - laptop magazine clocked it at 17+ hours with a 3 cell internal + 6 cell external, so with the 9 cell external you'd be looking at another 30% more run time, so somewhere around 22~23 hours.

I sold my Lenovo Carbon Gen5 and got a low spec Apple M1 laptop.
I am unloading all the unneeded applications to save space on the hard-drive, RAM, and CPU cycles.

I only need three things
1) SSH with vt200 support (it's already supported by MacOS)
2) X11 (you have do install an application)
3) VNC (you have do install an application)

I need to buy a USB-to-ethernet adapter, a super rugged bag  :D


--- Quote from: DiTBho on February 04, 2022, 04:17:40 pm ---I sold my Lenovo Carbon Gen5 and got a low spec Apple M1 laptop.

--- End quote ---

Do let us know how it goes.

Lord of nothing:

--- Quote ---At the moment, only 500 Euro.
--- End quote ---
Sorry when I have to laugh.
Maybe you heard the Price for IT Equipment is going just one way up to the Moon.
A 50€ GPU back then cost me now >150€  :=\ . The same for Laptops, Pc, Tablet,... everything is in my Country going up.

So back the Reality if someone need a Device who run so long* I can recommend (old) Military Style Rugged Laptop and Tablet. * I got for Personal use an Dell Rugged Tablet for travel by Train in Europe who its for me important to have an Device who I can swap Accu when the damn "historic Train" not have any Power Outlet and the driving time is near or above 24h "non Stop" for me.  :=\ Also when it rain during an 6min change of Platform the Laptop, Tablet should not be death after. The other Problem is when there is no "regular" 230V Socket a Night Train offer an Shaver Socket who have an Thermal Fuse so I must be able to limit the consumed Power aso much as possible. Well the Tablet is able to.  :-+


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