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Latest Win 7 updates fuck-up

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Just updated my Win 7 workstation with the latest august updates today.

Don't know if I'm the only one: this was kind of a fuck-up. Made the OS freeze (it was not a "hard" freeze, mouse could still be moved around, but GUI was completely unresponsive, and even CTRL-ADD-DEL didn't do anything). First time I had seen that in years. After a few minutes waiting like this, the only option was to hard reset the machine (there was no sign of SSD activity nor sign of significant CPU use given the fans were running at the minimum). Fortunately, after the hard reset, Windows rebooted OK, but then rebooted by itself several times to complete the updates. It was kind of freaky because it started looking like an infinite loop, but it finally booted to an operating state.

Am I the only one who encountered this issue?

Isn't Win 7 end of life coming up soon? Maybe Microsoft is nudging us into upgrading to Win 10, "the last operating system we will ever use".  :-DD

It's ending in a few months, and I still update it monthly. Never had a single problem with that before. But I know quite a few people that are still using Win 7 have decided to stop updating altogether for a while now. So I'm wondering whether I'm one of the few that still update. ;D

It's not like Win 10 updates don't fuck up on a regular basis as well anyway... talk about an incentive to upgrade. That said, they are probably assigning less and less ressources to the Win 7 support these days.

Last time I remember some kind of OS freeze like this is when they were force-downloading Win 10 upgrade files behing your back though. At some point you could not shut down your Win 7 computer while it was downloading those files, which could take ages. A bit annoying.

Meanwhile over here my Win7 laptop was last updated almost 4 years ago and it's humming right along with no problems whatsoever. Is there even a discernible difference between these broken updates and the potential issues they are meant to prevent?

I mean look at the situation objectively. We know that Microsoft has no QA anymore, and many of the updates for their flagship OS have been unmitigated disasters, they are desperate to bury the still very popular Win7. Best optimistic case the latest updates for Win7 are essentially untested, pessimistic case they are deliberately engineered to make the OS flaky.

I stopped updating Win7 5 months ago.  No problems here...


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