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Le Cloud goes up in smoke

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The whole site is quite recently constructed. On google maps terrain view it is still under construction, and in street view it isn't there at all. The site is just across the Rhine river border from Germany.

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Built remotely on what looks like a wind swept freight yard, there must be some serious backbone bandwidth crossing the Rhine at this point? There is on going development at the site; the tarmac on the road is barely a week old. A curious combination if hard buildings and shipping containers.

Google Streetview is your friend. You can even peak in through the windows and see what was fried-funked.

Interesting that your google streetview shows it present, ie taken fairly recently, while streetview accessed in Australia is old enough for the entire server site to be absent. Just the old entrance gate to the previous industrial complex.
The streetview I've attached is the right place, you can see the 'end of rail line' buffer over at the right. That is visible in aerial views and very lower left in the 2nd firefighting shot I posted above.,7.7974195,3a,75y,7.06h,83.32t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sB5ftKtUHPHChNHOG6JC57g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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An update:

OVH to shutter second strasbourg data center after [second] smoke incident:
--- Quote ---Ten days after a fire destroyed its SBG2 data center in Strasbourg, French hosting company OVH says it will abandon efforts to restart the adjacent SBG1 data center, and will shutter the facility and move servers to other locations.
--- End quote ---

The OVH Strasbourg realtime vms status monitor shows how much physical real estate is affected. The gray cloud:

Oh, OVH, yea I left them last year. Awful awful service. Nothing on there made sense and they tried to stop people taking their domains elsewhere by making the interface so complicated yet so non descript. I was saving a couple of bucks per domain but decided that the massive inconvenience of doing anything with them was not worth the saving after they left one of my domains in limbo during a transfer and at risk of expiring without me being able to access it for renewal. Have no sympathy for them. Never used any of their hosting, just running a few domains with them was enough to scare me off.

Unfortunately you do have to think of everything these days in the cost cutting market where people will save you a few percent by not doing something that is only apparent when stuff like this happens. My provider make clear that they have off site backup storage. Backups are obviously not the same as guaranteeing uninterrupted service, to loose the service for some days whilst backups are put onto alternative equipment is unfortunate, but to not have any backups is incompetent.

There is also a slovenian website that used there hosting that went down. They claim they had a hosting plan that included backup services, but those backups went offline along with all the rest of there site. Luckily they had backups of the whole site and database elsewhere too but they have to transfer it over to the new host before it can be brought back up.


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