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I hoping you good people can align me and calibrate me up, because I don't know the right questions to ask, or even if I am asking the question right.

Problem: Get legacy equipment IO data flow into SCADA.

I'm looking to gain some chops in getting DI, DO, AI, AO out of older PLC's, and discrete PCB's, then publish the information into a central data pool, then port it back to SCADA. Ideally I want to route this data to the data pool via an MQTT client / broker setup, using it's report by exception methodology.

What would you do if you had a PCB and wanted to harvest the I/O off of it? How would you go about it?

Help!  Thanks for your advice.

A budy of mine did some work in this area, basically, he added a wifi enabled micro controller to the mix, and hooked into the lines from the sensors, this non-evasive install allowed no touching to the PLC or existing controller, which saves the cost of having to upgrade systems / debug broken software that's been working for years.  You could also take serial output of a PLC if it's splitting out data and capture the same way.

There's a number of ways to perform this, but Particle's devices are likely the fastest path forward.


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