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'Linux'.. WOW, I'm almost toltally SOLD now!!!

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My last post was about utilizing a MacOS via 'VirtualBox' on my latest Win-10 System. (Going OK, mainly thanks to 'PushUp')...

Over the years, not only on this Forum, but throughout the vast number of 'Unix' (based!!) supporters/advocates/fans on the 'Net' have tried to get
me to change to such systems, as opposed to MS-Windows that I've been used to ALL my long life!!  I was always averse to such a change, for a
number of reasons!  Like "Having to learn something totally new", "Software available" and "compliance/usability" with most PC's/Laptops etc etc...
Obviously, on old/original systems that may have been a problem, and belonging in the World of Hard-Core Programmers/Coders, but with todays
versions, and simplistic GUI adaptations, they can 'really' feel like just what you are used to!! (Though any tech person wants to get under the Hood!!   8)

SO, after quite a bit of research, I chose the 'base-line' build of 'Ubuntu', with the latest version/flavor being 'Ubuntu-Mate 20.04'...  WOW !!!  :-+
Now I'm someone who could fit everything I know about 'Unix' systems, on the back of a Match-Book up to now, and not using a small pen!!!

My current setup is 'still' temporarily as a Virtual Machine via VirtualBox on my Win-10 system, but even so, it is running flawlessly and FAST, and everything
is working perfectly, including installing additional software, and running countless system utilities etc.  I'd rebooted a couple of times, for OTHER reasons, but
it has been running constantly for the last few days, in the background, as a 'Guest'. I'm even using it NOW, on this Forum!

OK, it has a pretty & simple (though as complicated as you want it to be!!) GUI, and adaptations & variations are all available...  However, I quickly 'realized' that a
LOT of 'settings'/'actions' are still available under the proverbial 'Hood', (as all techs would cream for!!), and seems to be the 'norm' for Linux users!!  :)
(NOTE... I found amongst MANY things, to enable the 'Drop-Down' Terminal, which is absolutely fantastic, instead of relying on a 'Windowed' Menu option!!).

My only (yet!) 'beef', as a lifetime MS-Windows user, are simple & seemingly logical file/app Naming conventions!!!  For instance...  Instead of a seemingly logical
name like 'Notepad' (in Windows', MINE here is called 'Pluma' ??  It's not exactly 'suggestive' of what it does, but WOW is it powerful!!!  Too much to explain here,
but it is more like 'Sublime' text for Windows, but better ...
And the major 'File-Manager' app called... 'Caja'  here !!   etc etc...   :(

I intend to get into a few specific  common 'terminal' commands soon, however I will suffice for NOW by stating that this/my initial integration into 'Unix' based
systems has been VERY positive so far!!, and I;m starting to understand WHY people may/would transfer their life's needs to a totally different Operating
system, for which I am becoming grateful !!!  Virtually NO concern about such 'Viruses' etc, , constantly/immediately updated, virtually ANY type of 'APP' that
you want these days is available & open source... I'll stop here!!   8)

Suffice to say, that I was/am impressed!!!!  B.T.W. ... I place a LOT of the presently flawless/fast integration via VirtualBox, by allocating (my system has it
available!) plenty of RAM, HDD availability, and offering at least 3 CPU's (out of a total of 8) for it's use...  ;)
Terminal Commands is a WHOLE new/different issue!!!!  I would like to discuss that SHORTLY !!!   :-+

Congratulations in going on this path. Linux has quite a few interesting applications and utilities that sometimes allow mimicking Windows but most of the times will require a learning curve. Also, the use of command line is more prominent but the syntax of a lot of commands haven't changed in decades - for the ones that are different, the internet helps a lot.

I am personally bound to Windows due to some specific applications, but I also plan to sandbox them on a VmWare and hope to not lose too much performance in the process. 


--- Quote ---and be greeted by a myriad of driver issues
--- End quote ---
ive had the opposite experience,install windows and it cant use the network port without a driver (would you like to connect to a network to locate the driver? ) however linux just worked,no drivers needed

That is true for a mainstream and/or older computer. If you have a newer platform (tablet PC, super new laptop) then the device driver issues start to appear. Also, as blueskull mentioned, specific functions are either poorly implemented or not well supported. Regardless, this is a far cry from the days of yore where to setup anything other than standard VGA display was a nightmare.

I am typing this in a former Chromebook (Acer C720) that is quite the specialized/non-standard machine, but it is old enough that all its kinks were solved in the process of removing the former Chrome OS (not supported anymore by Google) and replacing it with a Q4OS (a lightweight Debian). All this is running on its original 16GB of SSD and 2GB of RAM.

But how is this  a linux problem?more like  lazy hardware manufacturers who cant be arsed to provide drivers,If you bought  new hardware  for  a windows machine that didn't run would you be shouting at microsoft?


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