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Hello users,

This question may be offtopic here, but i need your kind suggestions. I am now going to reinstall an operating system in my computer.
I had Windows 10 earlier. Now I am thinking to use Linux. I have not used it before so I have a few doubts.

Will it be difficult to use and understand Linux?
Will Linux be faster than Winodows 10?


Linux will not be appreciably any faster or slower than Windows.

Why do you want to run Linux? It is possible that the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) might be good enough for what you want to do.

Is this your only computer? If so, I'd stick to windows as I guess it will be a quite steep
learning curve starting with linux. If you want to learn, install e.g. virtualbox with
ubuntu 18.04 LTS. If it's your second/third/etc PC, by all means install linux.

Black Phoenix:
Why don't you do exactly what I've done this week?

Install Windows but when partitioning the hard drive leave half or 30% of the space empty (for example in a 256GB create a partition of 150GB and leave the rest unused).

Install Windows, configure everything you need, and then restart and install any Linux Distro (I'm using Fedora 30 currently).

That way you can test whatever you want, and if you don't like the distro you are using you install another one.

In the last 5 years I only use windows only for gaming and some programs that I don't have equivalent on Linux, other than that I'm forcing myself to use Linux. Even If you f**k up the installation, I can always return to the Windows one and search how to fix it.

Linux is somewhat a learning curve for people who never used or are starting, specially when most of the deepp config are made via Terminal (same as the CMD or Powershell on Windows) and what is shown in most help forums are command lines. Some programs only run on Terminal, they don't have a gui like in Windows (NordVPN is one that I use currently that in Linux is basically only terminal available) but it's starting to change.

But I'm probably not the best to help you in Linux, I'm not that deep into it. Most of the IT Support I've done was always in Windows Server machines and Active Directory, with sporadically some in CentOS.

Out of Linux distros I quite like Linux Mint. The layout is similar to Windows. As previously mentioned, I would install Linux as a dual booting system with both operating systems.


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