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List of Ethernet Netcards with Jumbo frame

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--- Quote from: forrestc on September 24, 2019, 05:18:20 pm ---From the tik documenation:  RB532, CrossRoads   ether1-ether3:1600

--- End quote ---

--- Code: ---rb532 # ip link set eth2 mtu 1600
RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument

--- End code ---

--- Quote from: forrestc on September 24, 2019, 05:18:20 pm ---The real question here is *why* do you want to change the MTU.

--- End quote ---

I am working on a AFX switch, which has been designed to be 4K MTU. AFDX is not *exactly* ethernet, but it can be adapted, and this makes sense because I need a development tool and equipment that doesn't cost me a fortune.

I am also developing a Thin Client Computing. It bootstraps from tftpboot and I need to make it bootstrapping in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately the used CPU on the protype comes with a built-in fast ethernet that only allows 1500 MTU. One solution is adding a Gigabit chip on the PCI bus, so it could benefit from both larger MTU (9K) and bit speed.

I cannot change the firmware too much, I cannot introduce any protocol based on TCP/IP because there is not enough space on the Flash, but coupling tftpboot with MTU 9K makes a great difference on the upload time!

Anyway, digging around in the lab, I found a second-gen Apple MacMini x86 whose ethernet chip is a gigabit by intel, and it allows 9K MTU.

So I have just coupled the 3COM 3C996-T chip on the prototype with the MacMini x86 for getting started  :D

The speedup on uploads goes from 1.2Mbyte/sec, to 22Mbyte/sec, woooo  ;D


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