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Microsoft ending Win7 support soon, should I get Ubuntu?

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I've been running Win7 on SSDs for years on heavily used machines, never had any trouble with that.

Windows 7 can be troublesome on nvme ssd's.


--- Quote from: Jeroen3 on September 18, 2019, 05:48:05 am ---Windows 7 can be troublesome on nvme ssd's.

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Never had a problem with this, but AFAIR, you need to install support drivers that are not part of the base OS, which may the tricky part.
I have a Samsung 960 PRO NVMe, not exactly your entry-level SSD either, but I don't think that matters much. The main point are the drivers. If you're installing WIn 7 from scratch, you need to provide them during installation (there's a specific step for that). If you're just upgrading to an NVMe an existing system, as I did, you need to (in order): 1/ install NVMe support drivers while your machine is still on your old HDD/SSD, 2/ physically install the NVMe drive, 3/ clone your partition(s) to the NVMe, and 4/ optionally remove the old drive/reformat it/do whatever you wish with it.

Failing to install the support drivers BEFORE cloning will render the cloned OS unbootable. You may of course be able to "repair" the cloned system with an install CD, but frankly the above is much simpler.


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