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Microsoft Flight Simulator In-Depth Preview


Homer J Simpson:

excellent! i remember their first flight simulator, but didnt play much... what i need is a simulator with side windows views so i can make correct unguided banking during landing... something like this... but i need it configurable to view dead 90 degrees on my both side views.

Yes, I heard that MS is going to launch a new version, after all this time. They pretty much shut down the lab that was developing that, and they sold licenses to third parties (in 2009 or so?). The most (and only?) known "successor" was Prepar3d:

Then MS released some kind of toy replacement: "Microsoft Flight". It was definitely a toy game compared to FS.

Funny they decided to get back to it. Not sure why. Maybe as a gesture to promote MS technologies? (But there's got to be a reason why they decided to stop in the first place...)

Anyway, that should be interesting. FS X was pretty advanced, and you could get images pretty close to what can be seen in this video already, with the proper settings and a couple extensions like REX, and customized areas. No computer could really run it to its full potential when it got released, but a few years later, it became a very decent simulator as computers could handle the job.


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