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Microsoft's Azure - Anyone using this???

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Hi All,

I'm creating a IoT device that will need to connect to the cloud for data storage.
I'm looking at using Microsoft's Azure and an SQL database.

Anybody else do this that can ease my learning curve a bit :) ?


Three documentation on Azure is very good. Take a look at Microsoft's examples.

Let your device call a function with the payload.
The function can then connect to the SQL db and transform and store the data.

If you use something like Table storage, it is way cheaper. An Azure SQL DB is not cheap.
Table storage can also be called directly.


You need some service running on the server, that acts like the endpoint for the communication. Like an MQTT broker. That places the data in the SQL database.  Stuff like this:

The Azure server can be just a VM, doing the computing, or you can have just a database access, running on the cloud. One way, you are basically a sysadmin of the VM, and you can just develop the thing on a local linux machine, and then place it on the cloud. This can be easy to set up and develop, and then depending on your requirements, could be enough for years.
And then you can ask them to "give me a database", and they can take care of everything. Could cost more, but if you suddenly end up with 50 million users, you dont have to worry about database scaling. If you dont expect that, just buy a VM. Or you know, several VMs all doing different parts of the entire back/frontend. Whatever makes sense.

Azure is most effective if you use its PaaS services. So trying to do it yourself in a VM is 'suboptimal'.

You can get an idea what it'll cost you here:


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