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Migrating from Windows 10 to Linux?

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--- Quote from: bjdhjy888 on September 14, 2019, 12:55:31 am ---Now, I've got linux(ubuntu), what do I do next with it?!?

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Run LinuxCNC on it to control a 3D printer. Print a toilet seat then smooth it with beeswax so that any pieces of fecal matter that miss the bowl don't get stuck between print layers.

Use Linux for whatever you can... and if an app is not available either program it yourself or run Wine or use Windows on a virtual machine if you must. I personally use the Ubuntu Studio variant of Ubuntu, it comes with a lot of useful productivity software pre-installed and runs a fairly lightweight desktop environment. I suggest you look at other recent threads here in this section as someone already mentioned, there are a lot of discussions already. Be prepared to learn a lot and make copious notes for yourself (I write a whole bunch of text files full of instructions to myself for the future, or copy and paste commands and example scripts). You will need to refer to these in the future especially if you ever want to set up other similar systems or if your own system needs to be set up again. Much easier than to have to find everything all over again!


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