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Migrating from Windows 10 to Linux?

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Man, finally I managed to overwrite my windows 10 with ubuntu.
Initially, ubuntu won't shutdown or restart, until I googled the solution and fixed it.
Now, I've got linux(ubuntu), what do I do next with it?!?
they told me programmers gotta use it, not Windows.

If you want to program, either install an IDE (I recommend PlatformIO for embedded if your target platform is supported) or go the old fashioned way using Makefiles created with the text editor of your choice.


--- Quote from: bjdhjy888 on September 14, 2019, 12:55:31 am ---Now, I've got linux(ubuntu), what do I do next with it?!?

--- End quote ---

Install applications beyond what it already has!

Use apt-get or install the GUI Synaptic Package Manager and get busy.  :)

Put a link to Google on your menu bar because, with Linux, Google will be your best friend.
We just had a couple of lengthy threads on this topic so there is no point in repeating the pros and cons in yet another thread.

What do you WANT to do with Linux?  How is Linux going to help you do that?

I like to use Linux for various programming projects.  I use 'gedit' as the text editor and the rest is done with Makefiles and the command line.

What did you do in Windows?  That should guide you to the programs you need to find and load for Linux.  The bad news is that my experience is that a lot of personal retraining will be required because there are not identical replacements in most cases.  Even where there are functional equivalents the user interface will be different.


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