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Motherboards with a good number of PCIe slots

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Looks like most recent ATX motherboards have a dramatically reduced number of PCIe slots (and M.2 slots are favored).

Do you guys know of any brands/models that offer like 5 PCIe slots (among which at least 4 slots x16) with the latest AMD or Intel processors support?


You could look at something like the C9Z390-series which have four x16 physical slots (but not necessarily all at x16 speed) and one x1 slot. There is also the C7X99-OCE-F.
Or if you want the x16 slots to actually be x16, the C9X299-series boards would fit the bill.

If you look at their server-grade boards, there are some ATX offerings that might be suitable as well, like the X12DPL-series, but you're looking at Xeon processors at this price bracket.

As above, you're off into workstation or server boards to get that sort of configuration.


--- Quote from: Someone on January 28, 2023, 12:31:30 am ---As above, you're off into workstation or server boards to get that sort of configuration.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, interesting (but not too surprising unfortunately) that while it was still the norm a few years ago on consumer motherboards, this has become a niche.

AMD and Nvidia killing off consumer level dual GPU really put the nail in the coffin for decent motherboards with many PCIe slots.

There are a few high end gaming motherboards with them. See ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI.
Note that the consumer CPUs are maxing out at around 24 lanes so those multi x16 are running bifurcation, sharing or are just x4/x8.

Really depends on your application.
Do you need full bandwidth on each slot at the same time?

Otherwise as others have stated. Workstation/server setup. Plenty of options.
+1 for SuperMicro

If your application only needs to run for a short time or not use much power. Check eBay for old servers.
Many old machines out there with loads of slots but they chug power and are not very fast.


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