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Today I purchased a new ergonomic mouse because my old one was eating batteries like there's no tomorrow. The new mouse is a corded optical one with dark technology sensor and works just fine apart from one thing, it has the usual forward / back buttons on the left of the mouse but most mice have these mounted either at the top or bottom of the left side. This one however has them mounted approximately 1/3 down from the top for back and 1/3 up from bottom for forward. The natural place for my thumb is in-between them, fair enough except that there is not sufficient space for a manly thumb.

My question is, does anyone know of a mouse driver that I could download for Win10 64bit where I can select what each button does, or even disable them altogether? as my thumb is always operating one or both of these buttons  :palm:

No make and model number?

It is a Delux 618BU and I have been on their website and tried to download the manual and driver for itm but the manual/instructions do not seem to download and driver is the wrong one.

The website is and the mouse is here

I don't even use Windows but this was the first google hit:

Of course I wouldn't be willing to give up those buttons so I would rather return it and convert the old one to corded ;)

I found this:

I don't find anything in there that will adjust the dpi for the dpi buttons.


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