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Need new living room TV, but would a large monitor be better?

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Looking for any advice you might be able to offer.

Faithful tired old soldier is ready for a Honourable discharge. A 40" with multiple HDMI inputs, a fairly simple remote and ultra simple UI.

New monitor needs to be at least as big if not bigger.

Viewing position distance is 20 feet.

Inputs are
    Australian Foxtel IQ2* (HDMI + HDCP),
    Plain old digital TV STB (HDMI),
    Linux PC/internet-surf/media-player (HDMI).

Current panel is 720x400 or something so the Linux PC video res has been bastardized to display the desktop and counteract the forced overscan. Would like a bigger screen and obviously more resolution. High frame rate is not a concern as the only gaming is Doom. PC is about to be upgraded to something more powerful to take advantage of a better monitor.

How well can a modern large (non-TV) monitor deal with the HDCP nonsense? Foxtel are about to force their latest box down my throat because reasons.

Want to avoid a smart TV. Too many buttons. Just want a large display that wont keep begging for firmware updates.

What kind of monitor(s) should I look at?

What sort of resolution should the panel have with that viewing distance?

monitor and TV are different animals

Do not reccomend mon use as TV or visa versa



--- Quote from: jonpaul on September 13, 2022, 10:32:17 am ---monitor and TV are different animals

Do not reccomend mon use as TV or visa versa


--- End quote ---

I want the best of both worlds. Tell me why I can't have that.

edit: I wish to expose, examine and weigh up the tradeoffs.

The benefit of a big TV is that it most likely is cheaper than a monitor of the same size.

If what jonpaul wrote is still valid nowadays I don't know, but it feels like not. There are of course differences in panel type, viewing angles, and what other properties a display has. But both can be on the whole day long if needed.

When you just use it with the HDMI inputs it does not really matter that the TV is "smart". You probably only need a single button on the remote to change the HDMI input anyway. But the newer models might have good response on the smart department and allow browsing the internet or view a movie directly from an USB stick or external drive.

My advise, go to a nearby media store and look around for what TV's they have and play with them a bit.

Edit: Especially high resolution monitors are more expensive, and I think buying a TV that is not 4K becomes harder every day.

There is a convergence between TVs and monitors since the advent of Ultra HD 120Hz 4K sets. They are TVs used as monitors, not monitors used as TVs. Sadly, every TV today has some degree of internet smartness/dependence: Just lock the TV out of the wifi network. Go down town and give 4K OLED TVs a good looking at. Act now, before prices go stupid in 2023.

(Or... see what @eevblog Dave can conjure up for free from a dumpster!)


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