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No need to compile windows binaries anymore!

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Ok, you'll need w11, but still, at least for me, it will save time and effort.
No need anymore to program cross-platform and to maintain different build chains.
I hope w11 quickly replaces w10.

Run Linux GUI apps on the Windows Subsystem for Linux:

Is it time to echo the EEE mantra? :D

Seriously though, this is good news for those that are stuck on the corporate jobs and can't use Linux.

you have been able to do it for quite some time one win10, just not as integrated so you needed to install an xserver, I've used x410

TBH, nothing that a Virtual Machine hasn't solved in more than a decade, which I tend to prefer so I can keep various development environments contained with their tool versions and such - I have to keep support for 10+ year old toolchains and SDKs.

And Windows 10 had some level of integration that worked moderately well.

I personally am not looking forward for Windows 11. It will be another hodgepodge of M$ bullet dodging.

Uh yeah?
Except that if you actually target Windows, users will want native binaries. Usually. Except maybe for very niche products for which they probably won't care.
Oh and binary-compatibility for Linux binaries across different Linux distros can already be a headache, so not talking about WSL... if you think that'll be as painless as that.


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