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NVIDIA Releases Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules

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Oh, actually Nvidia didn't released anything  :o :o :o

They just moved their precious industrial secret into a firmware embedded into a binary blob (of 34 Mbyte of size) and created a dummy wrapper around. It's what you get as "kernel driver", actually nothing more than a wrapper, an it's only the same trick used by MadWifi years ago to solve a practical problem: how to keep things embedded into a binary-blob but allowing users to recompile the kernel.

sneaky move, but useful  :-//

So I can safely let NV stay on my do-not-buy list. :phew:

Not sure what you are talking about.

Firmware is stuff that runs on the GPU itself. It may or may not be open source, more often the latter.
Madwifi (and NVIDIA too) used binary blobs with "open source" wrappers as OS drivers running on the CPU.

That is technically true, but classically there wasn't a lot of programmable hardware on GPUs not externally programmed. Maybe some bios stuff and power/fan profiles and that's it. The more programming disappears into it, the less open source drivers mean. Drivers can be open source in an entirely meaningless sense.

Open source in name only.

For what it’s worth, the raspberry pi open source graphics driver uses the exact same model, ie the open source part is just a very thin wrapper around a proprietary blob.


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