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see here
NORDIC nRF52832 (arm-v7) based  :o :o :o

(very impressed)

Where can I get mine  :-//

--- Quote ---The PineTime is a free and open source smartwatch
--- End quote ---

I do like free stuff  :-DD

anyway, I want a MIPS-powered-but-low-power watch
with a Radio module at [ 600 .. 800 ] Mhz, a 64x64 pixel 1bit color LCD
and nothing else

:o :o :o

(I am tempted to *copy* the PineWatch, but ... in a different way)

The PineTime watch has been mentioned in the "best-smartwatch-for-texting" list, so I think this link is also interesting.

I report here for you guys, I am not interested in the purchase of *any* smartwatche; personally for daily needs I like my super-simple CASIO AE-1500WH-1AVEF: it's more than ok.

I am going to develop something wrist wearable, but it's not technically a "watch"  :o :o :o

have you ever seen a watch with e-inc lcd? The SEIKO Spirit SBPA003  :o


--- Quote from: pcprogrammer on January 31, 2023, 02:18:41 pm ---Where can I get mine  :-//

--- End quote ---

There should be a shop somewhere with a dev-kit; according to Google, ummm it seems you can buy your kit here  :-//


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