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Nominal Animal:

--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on June 05, 2023, 03:12:44 am ---
--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on June 05, 2023, 02:44:30 am ---so as long as the workload is mostly reading small files and the I/O scheduler is smart enough to read from both drives,

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That's the part I had no idea about. Does it actually do this?

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Used to, on spinny rust drives over a decade ago, when seek times were measured in milliseconds.  Haven't tested it since.


--- Quote from: brucehoult on June 05, 2023, 01:29:32 pm ---Sure, but once we got rid of Classic MacOS and Windows 95/98 we boot PCs once every couple of months, so who cares about boot times?

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Yep.  Right up until the tripled the cost of electric here.

Then all (4 PCs) those 5-10W of sleep power had to go.  They now all get shut down.  Except the linux server.

At the moment, it takes my monitors longer to wake up to the new signal than it does for windows to boot.  I might see BIOS, then the monitor goes into it's black screen while EUFI enables the framebuffer to show the spinner screen with windows logo, however I rarely see it because the PC boots to the login screen faster than the monitor reconnects to the framebuffer.... especially as windows resets it again before displaying the login screen.

It does make a significant difference for build times, obviously it depends on the exact thing you're building.
Large C++ files, for instance, tend to take a long compile time and in this case, file access time will only be a moderate factor.

For those using KiCad, this is a very easy to witness improvement, when opening the symbol and footprint editors for the first time in a session (so nothing cached yet.) Libraries have a ton of small files.
Opening the symbol editor (first time) when libraries are on a HDD (even the fastest one) will take up to 20s-30s. Yes, drives you nuts. On a SATA SSD, it will typically be around 5s.
On a NVMe SSD (which I have switched to for KiCad libraries now), it's almost instant. Makes a freaking great difference when you use KiCad a lot.


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