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pc locked up, stuck on boot, no bios swapped cpus with sim build, both work?

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Ok, got a bizzare issue I'm trying to understand. tried to start pc black screen, stuck on boot light, num lock doesn't react, no bios access. Nothing. Tried to fix for a while. Pulled out all drives

I took my pc over to my brothers that has a similar build. We both have 3900x, different motherboards mine is steel legends asrock ,his is strix e-gaming. They both use x570

We tested and tested swapped ram first didn't fix it. Then we swapped cpus. He put his 3900x in my machine and my machine booted up once more. I thought it was a mobo issue at first but it started working. Assumed bad cpu. Then just for the hell of it, I put my "bad" 3900x in his motherboard, and it booted up as well.

So doing a cpu swap, they both work. I was like weird. So I put my "bad" cpu back in my machine and the error happened again, black screen, no boot, no bios. I did reseat everything a couple times prior.


So as it sits now. I can not use my 3900x in my motherboard at all. locks up. I'm using my brothers. But my cpu that stopped working, works in his.


We've stress tested both machines, was wondering if a core went bad. But they both passed. He's using all 4 ram slots so was wondering if a ram connection died in the cpu chipmunks  itself, but that isnt it.


So I want to know, what the hell? What happened? My only working theory is that my bad cpu had something fry within the die, and my brothers motherboard doesn't use that circuit. But it makes no sense at all. I used that cpu in my motherboard since these chips dropped.


I'm kinda tempted to just rebuild my pc, move up to ddr5. Just because of this weird issue I dont want to strike again. r if my mobo did something, dont want to damage my brothers cpu. I'm using his chip right now, hes using mine.


bonus points, a fans bearing went bad and windows updated within the same period this issue arised with my machine

Nominal Animal:
Are you sure his isn't 3900X (100-000000023) and yours 3900XT (100-000000277)?  The former is supported by ASRock X570 Steel Legend in all BIOS versions, but the latter requires P2.80 or later.

Asus ROG STRIX X570-E Gaming WiFi II supports both, in all BIOS versions.

While this is basically just a guess based on your descriptions, it does fit, if your Steel Legend motherboard has an older BIOS on it.
When running on the working CPU, do check (and update) the BIOS.  (It could also be a motherboard BIOS and microcode update compatibility issue, which updating the BIOS while running on the working CPU should also fix.)

I'd also check that the memory you use on the Steel Legend is listed in the Memory QVL (Matisse/Matisse 2) for Steel Legend.  Some memory chips might be marginal and happen to work initially, but now that some of the caps etc. have had a nice good toasting (due to insufficient airflow), the memory no longer works.  Unlikely, but theoretically possible.

On that note, is it possible for a dual BIOS image system (one current, one factory) to decided that the current image has a bad checksum and restore from factory?  That would change CPU support.

Yes, 100% they are the same chips, we bought them in the same day too when we were discussing parts.
Memory all is all supported, and works fine
Neither of us has updated in bios in like a year. So hard to say

I might look into bios, says there is an update. But I did have to update when I first bought the motherboard. It shipped with 1.6 that didn't seem to support my 3900x. Bought a cheap cpu to get into bios and update. But this was years ago. I'm assuming it shipped with 1.6 because there is a sticker on the bios chip itself labeling that. but I did update years ago. I dont remember the current version right now. But its always worked.
I normally dont update bios unless I have to, still dont have a PSU and our transmission lines are old and sometimes the power goes out.

I need to look into updating bios, just dont want to touch it now. It works for now. But well see what happens.

Possible, but my factory is 1.6, which either cpu shouldn't work then. I remember having to update bios when I built it because the 3900x would not work at all.
I dont have a duel bios, but my brother does have a duel in his motherboard.

It did do this after a windows update when I was asleep. So after windows reset the machine. So it could be a possible bios issue.
IT woke me up at like 4 am too. Because I thought I heard hdd clicking sounds like a bad drive in my dreams. Woke me straight up. But was a bad fan bearing that was rhythmic.
Honestly hilarious the fan went bad at the same time as this.


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