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PC next step questions??!!


Being a PC user with only a basic working knowledge, if that, I need help with where to go next :-//
My most pressing issue is with my daily driver hack PC, which is, a 2007 HP Pavillion Slimline, model S3110UK.  Basic spec is Pentium dual core 2140 1.6Ghz, 1 gig ram, DDR2 SDRAM, OS is Win Vista Home Premium.
This PC has done and still does everything I need a PC to do, BUT, it has a major issue, inflicted by my impatience some years ago. One day, these many years ago, during a normal switch on to begin the days tasks, the thing was just taking forever to boot up. The HD light was just solid, unblinking for minutes and minutes, without going to the login screen.  After about 10, maybe 15 minutes I just triggered and turned it off, then on again. BIG mistake!  Then a load of error messages just spewed onto the screen and I was in trouble.  So I tried system recovery from the boot screen and eventually, after maybe 3 hours, I got the thing to the login screen and windows loaded.  But, there were so many error messages, it was like a blizzard!  I just cancelled them all and carried on. Ever since there are lots of things not working, the major one being email, it can't open windows mail. It also slows down massively during the day so I have to shut down and restart.
I haven't been able to update windows since then either. Nothing happens when I try.
So, the question is, will it run Win 10, if so, how do I install that to transfer all files, even, hopefully, to recover my emails pre disaster?  People have said to me, just take an image of the vista system and transfer to the ne OS? What does that even mean?!
Or, is it worth going through this on such an old PC, would it be better to go to a new model?


If you can afford it just get a new computer. It doesn't actually have to be new, off lease refurbs are dirt cheap. Once you have something that works, take the disk out of the old machine and see if you can get your data off it using its replacement.

Even better: pay someone to setup the new PC.

I agree completely, a new PC would be wise, it certainly is not a “performer” so to speak.

It sounds from your description of the issue that your hard disk drive may be on its last legs. And from the age of the PC I would say not really worth replacing the disk.  And paying to get it reinstalled etc....Better spending your money on a new base unit.

The other problem is Vista, it is a truly horrible operating system, widely regarded to be the worst version of windows ever released, it has many issues.  Windows 10 will run, but not well, but again I suspect HDD is a likely candidate.

You will really want to be looking for a more modern PC with DDR4 architecture to future proof your purchase.  Get one pre installed with windows 10, try and get a standard atx type case, pcs from dell etc can give high repair costs if for example the power supply fails (as they often do) as they need a specific dell psu, and these can cost the earth.

Finally...Be cautious if putting your old hard disk into your new pc in case there is a virus infection, you dont want to transfer this to a new pc.  Make sure you virus scan the disk before copying data over.

And yes bang on nctnico...If you are not confident pay someone to transfer your data, a local pc technician will be able to do this very easily are for not a lot of cash.

Good Luck.


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