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Two power supplies , both 80 Plus Gold 850 Watts:
One is 3.3x5.9x7.1 inches and weighs 112.9 ounces  (  EVGA GQ    210-GQ-0850-V1)  (5 Y warranty)
The other is 3.4x5.9x6.3  inches and weighs 58.5 ounces  (Corsair RMx   CP-9020180-NA) (10y warranty)

Maybe someone can shed some light into the weight difference and if actually means something ?

Impossible to say without tearing it apart.

Could be anything.

Fan speed vs heatsink size vs heatsink metal

One might have power factor correction which adds weight.

I would go with the 10y warranty one, if the company is that confident in the design then its probably very well built.

Kinda irrelevant

For example, one design may have the mosfets (chips that produce heat) on the back side of the circuit board using the whole case of the psu as heatsink, while the other design may use heatsinks on the top side...
The result is the same, a functioning power supply... just has the components cooled differently.

One may include the weight of the cables in the total weight , the other may not...


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