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PCI32 Emc Quad 10/100 Ethernet : which chip does it use?


I am looking for something really small for an application and found the Emc Quad 10/100 Ethernet Scheda PCI P/N: 005045592, but it's unclear which chip it uses.

Already googled and asked to severail surplus vendors without any useful info.

does Anybod happen to know this card?

I do really prefer Tulip chips
but, they are hard to find

It looks to me like just 4  100mbps pci chips/controllers connected to a switch/muxer chip

If my eyes don't deceive me, they're  Intel GD82559 :
Big chip is intel 21152ab

he 21152 allows the two PCI buses to operate concurrently. This means that a master and a target on the same PCI bus can communicate while the other PCI bus is busy. This traffic isolation may increase system performance in applications such as multimedia.The 21152 makes it possible to extend a system’s load capability limit beyond that of a single PCI bus by allowing motherboard designers to add more PCI devices, or more PCI option card slots, than a single PCI bus can support.

You should look into pci-x network cards. Most of them will work in regular PCI slots... so if you buy one cheap enough you could CUT the extra contacts in the edge connector to get it inside a regular PCI slot (if there's components blocking)

ex 14 uk pounds for 4 port gigabit pci-x :


The Intel® PRO/1000 MT Quad Port Server Adapter and the Intel® PRO/1000 GT Quad Port Server Adapter are designed to work in the following slot types:

    PCI-X* 133 MHz
    PCI-X 100 MHz
    PCI-X 66 MHz
    PCI* 64-bit 66 MHz
    PCI 64-bit 33 MHz
    PCI 32-bit 33 MHz (3.3 volt slots only)

of course, pci 32bit will be 133 MB/s and 4 x 1gbps = 500 MB/s in total.

wow, you have excellent eyes! Thanks =)


--- Quote from: mariush on September 23, 2019, 11:06:49 pm ---intel-PRO-1000-GT-Quad-Port
of course, pci 32bit will be 133 MB/s and 4 x 1gbps = 500 MB/s in total.

--- End quote ---

yup, one more benefit is the 9K MTU it offers.

The card needs to go in a ppc4xx system, whose PCI's bandwidth is limited to no more than 50Mbyte/sec, so this is not a problem concerning a PCI-X card downgraded to PCI, but I seriously need up to four 10/100 ethernet ports, and two of them must be able to serve two bootstrapping nodes.

There is anything you can do to increase the speed with tftpboot, expect ... increasing the data_block, but since this protocol uses udp/ip it means the data_block limits is the MTU size.

Say, 90Mbyte/sec to be served as fast as possible, and concurrently, an ethernet board with a large MTU (able to supply jumbo frames) can reduce the time required by tftpboot to transfer the file.

The other two ports need to serve ssh slow connections.


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