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--- Quote from: PerranOak on May 26, 2022, 03:09:57 pm ---Frankly, I do get a "warm fuzzy feeling" knowing that my security software is protecting me.  :scared:

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That's exactly what a false sense of security is though. The software isn't protecting you, it's just making you feel protected, which can actually encourage risky behavior.

Usual security products are mostly useless on Linux yes, but a mandatory access control framework like apparmour or SELinux is not so I'd gravitate to a distribution like Ubuntu which bundles it personally.

Imagine what happens when you click on a web page that trips a fresh CVE buffer overrun in Firefox, which then opens your ~/.profile for append and uses that to deliver payload next time you open a shell. apparmour prevents that by setting Firefox's "reach".

I'm not sure I've had an anti virus program (or problem as a result) since I stopped running windows XP in 2011, on multiple web connected windows and linux machines. And I torrent a fair amount, download PDFs off sketchy websites, etc.


--- Quote from: Lindley on May 27, 2022, 09:05:47 am ---Do not know why you chose Peppermint, but distros like Linux  Mint and Ubuntu are probably the most popular and well supported.

Might be worth giving them a try ..   easy and quick enough to install.

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I've been using Linux Mint for quite a few years, but mainly to run projects such as SETI@Home and now Einstein@Home projects on a dedicated computer. Recently I felt it was time to move on from an older Windows laptop I was using in the evenings while watching TV. I built a new PC and decided to use Linux Mint instead of Windows for it.

Of course it ran Firefox just fine and a few other things and I was happy. Recently I found out that Apple TV+ was the only way to watch Friday night baseball. Apple bought the "TV" rights and it was not even on cable TV as usual. So they said if you had an Apple Account you could watch it for free on your apple device or the internet at Apple TV website. Well I logged in using Firefox / Linux Mint and watched the whole game and had no problems at all.

Linux is a whole lot better (more tolerant to hardware issues) than it used to be like ten years ago. For example I swapped out several video cards in the aforementioned PC due to some experimenting with others in the house. Some cards were Nvidea and others Radeon. Linux Mint never had a problem detecting and using the correct drivers.  :-+


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