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Perils of USB-C


I apologize for the click-baity title but, as you'll find out, it's for the greater good :) Turns out, while trying to blindly mate (I's sounds kinda weird when you say it out loud) a USB-C plug with its socket and there's a USB-A port nearby, it's very much possible to insert the USB-C plug into the USB-A socket. Just enough for it to short the USB-A power to ground with its outer shielding... All that without using unreasonable force (© bigclivedotcom). Ask me how I found out... ::)

You could also insert a screwdriver inside a mains plug and get shocked... :P

Some mating configurations are best avoided in general. :-DD

If youre using only USB-C devices then maybe you could 3D print USB 2.0 disabler plug? This way you won't fry your USB ports anymore.

Doing things "blindly" is a stupid way to go through life and results in occasional disasters.

In this case one possible solution would be to install an A to C adapter permanently; just leave it plugged in.


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