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Please MS just go to hell...

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Joining the latest pieces and hints posted here and there...
Minimum requirements to "so they let you use your hardware" are

ABOVE AT LEAST an iCore i7 latest gizmo a latest Ryzen/EPYC allowed

Microsoft is also requiring a front-facing camera for all Windows 11 devices except desktop PCs from January 2023 onwards.

An absurd TPM 2.0 pre installed module for whatever hell knows for

Later on modifications on SYSTEMD to control block and loop devices so to track your data and storage medium

So combined the ability to run APKs and all systemd wayland shell distros
under control of WSL... all under their DRM TPM and supervision of your
property hardware...  now claimed

Attached a picture exactly how a I see what systemD is de facto..
The death sentence of all your hardware unless it is up 2/3 y old..
and all your invested asset base..



you cant even get the latest update with a i7-4770 you are stuck with ver 1909 witch ends support in 2022 :-(

In American law, corporations are "persons", so they have a damnable immortal soul...


Hi Ed..
i get the hint
i think thats the road i chose now.


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