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--- Quote from: PlainName on May 13, 2023, 11:28:16 am ---Just catching up...

What are you using to capture the drive stats?

--- End quote ---

First post now has links to the two bits of software. Other than that I am just putting them side by side and taking screenshots - KISS  ;)

Thanks. The CPUID monitor looks cool, but can't doesn't show temperature for my system drive (WDC WDS100T2). Not that surprised since this is Windows 7 with a i7700 CPU, and Microsoft in their wisdom think I shouldn't be mixing such esoteric hardware with their shit OS, so just getting an NvME working is a mess.

I use Hard Disk Sentinel which can get the temperature of this (but very little else): currently 26C. There's an idling Samsung 860 QVO which reads 17C in both apps. To be honest, I am not that concerned about the in-PC temperatures (the heatsinks I use are the last one that chappy tried in the video with the fans). It's the external ones which I use for backups/transfers/etc.

Semi useless trivia and pricing as of 2023

10Gbps USB3.1 Gen2 max speed  $10-30 USD - reality of about 0.9Gps up and down on long writes.

20Gbps USB3.2 Gen1 2x2 max speed $40-60 USD - reality of toward 2Gps up and down and a bit better on higher end ports.

40Gbps USB4/Thunderbolt speeds $100-150+ USD - reality seems to be around 2.5-2.8Gps port dependant.

So the law of diminishing returns applies here in particular but for a lot of general use 10 or 20 Gbps seems 'sensible' for 95%+ of us.

Well worth a watch. Gordon ranting on on USB/Thunderbolt 4 Drives when it really isnt  >:D

New bits arrived today so a little playing as the Weather outside is trash.

NVMe heatsink is actually heading for a MITX build because the MB came without one supplied and after a little testing I think ALL modern NVMe's should have at least a basic one.

Interesting the temperatures were about on par with the full enclosure with the heat pads so I guess if you brought one of them and a bare NMVe to USB board then you could 3D print an enclosure. Unless my search ability is off then this option will cost you more $ and time so skip it.

** Will add the other NVMe enclosure stuff here rather than another post later in the day RL calls only really expecting it to be as good as the first one with the pads for temps. Dumbass seller puts picture of M key and also puts it in the description and then posts me a B key chassis  :palm:


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