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Possible to fix coil whine on NVidia GPU Rtx2080 Super?

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Yeah I've heard swapping the PSU can sometimes help/make it worse, I guess it depends on the impedance's and matching, and all the frequencies, etc.

As far as I know, most cars coming off a line, sound way more uniform than GPU's. I mean no car's should leave a factory with squealing gears or fan belt.

What I don't normally hear about, is if anyone spends the money to buy new LC parts, and swap them in and roll the dice that they make less noticeable noise. What would a bag of parts off Mouser/Digikey cost, $100 or more ?

I guess you could keep going, if it's not just 1 parts, but the way they all interact, including with the PCB.

Someone should hook up some scopes and microphones and post some pictures.


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