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Printing Directly To Acrobat in Win98

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Yes, you're reading this correctly. I have a Win98 based oscilloscope that I've repaired (I had a thread going about repairing it, but feel this deserves a new thread because it's changing subjects) and obviously can't connect many modern printers to this scope.

I'd like to print directly to a PDF file and then I can copy it to a USB stick.

The need to print is to print waveforms for reference.

The issue I see: maybe something exists where I can print to a PDF, however, I assume keeping the PDF compatible to work with a Win98 system and the current PDF versions will be difficult.

In any case, does anyone know of software (or a method) I can use to print to a PDF file?

I  think the XP/2003 version of this might work on Windows 98 SE, if that's what you have.  You could ask them.

Or you can print to an .eps file and then convert that to .pdf on a different machine.

I recall using CutePDF back in the day, it was quite good. I can recommend this as well. You might need the older version of PDF Writer which you can get from at:

Thanks for the input.

I'm uncertain if either of you use an oscilloscope, but being able to print directly to a PDF (or a jpg) is a huge benefit; otherwise I need to take a photo and those always come out skewed.

What about doing Print Screen to capture the screen to the clipboard, then saving that as a jpg?

Any help here: ?


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