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Printing Directly To Acrobat in Win98

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Oooh, color!  Very nice work.  And it certainly looks Windows 98ish.  :)


--- Quote ---And it certainly looks Windows 98ish.
--- End quote ---

I think the Wn98ish gives it a good look - it's a reminder about what Windows once was. Compared to my other scopes that required I hold my phone to take a picture while holding a scope probe, I'll take a Win 3.1 look if need be. :)

I posted a question on the HP forum on trying to upgrade to XP. I didn't care to, but someone told me XP has more features. I'm not actively pursuing this, but, if I happen to stumble on an XP image, I may try it.

At this point, I have a working Win98 image, USB drivers, and a PDF printer, so worse case, I'd need to reinstall all this stuff.

Unfortunately I'm not getting many answers about XP, and I have more projects to work on, so this scope may sit as the perfectly good working scope it is - and I plan to use this scope to repair a C64. My goal is to measure a good C64, save waveforms, compare it to my bad one, and also have waveforms that I can provide to the C64 community so others can repair their units.


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