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Recommendations for Open Source hard drive backup software to external NAS.

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ViceVersa by TGRMN software. i've been using that for 20+ years. has never failed me.

Does it have to be open source?  There's a freeware/shareware program for Windows called SyncBack that does a great job and is easy to use, it just runs in the background and takes care of things automatically.  The more fancy stuff is paid, but the basic version that'll probably do all you need is free.

Owncloud, though not specifically a backup program, works fine.  You can many live copies on other synced computers and keep virtual files on others.  I have 5 or 6 laptops and desksides all synced.  Then on the server I use ZFS raid.  The advantage over backup software is the syncing is almost immediate. I've tried Bacula and it works, but it's tough to get the incremental working.  Bacula supports virtual tape and real tape if you p Lan to take a copy offside. Rysnc as others mentioned works well if you setup a chron job but adding the folder to owncloud is as easy as putting it in the owncloud directory and then adding it to the sync on other computers. Filehistory on windows and timemachine can both point to an external drive using afp or smb.  I don't know if there is an equivalentent for linux, other thN rsync with a chron job for automation.


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