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Repartition Hard Drive with Dual OS and Not Losing Data

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Unless I’m doing something wrong, it won’t allow me to maximize a partition without leaving 1MB preceding and not allowing me to move/expand the precious partition.

The minute I move that 2.5GB, XP doesn’t boot; I get a DLL error.


--- Quote from: bostonman on November 24, 2023, 03:22:44 pm ---
--- Quote ---- Expand the extended partition to use all available space
- Move the 2.5G partition to the end of the expanded partition
--- End quote ---

The only expanded is the 2.5G and that's already maximized. Did you mean the unallocated?

--- End quote ---


Yes, when I do this, it won't allow me to expand fully on the beginning; I need to keep 1MB. This additional unallocated space now gets in the way of trying to expand the Ubuntu partition.

Update: I get a warning if I try to allocate it that it can't be -2048 or something like that.

Maybe a better partition program exists that will allow me to just move partitions?

You seem to have expanded sdb4 and sdb5. Try expanding sdb4 and move sdb5 to the end.

From what I can tell, I'm following your suggestions, but not getting the same results.

I'll post pictures in a moment.


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