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kinda love this shit  ::)

Rick Law:
I've a "love and hate" relationship with technologies.

We are blissfully marching down a dangerous path.  History shown advanced democratic society can somehow end up with a very bad leader.  Imagine that day when these AI killers are ubiquitous and our society is advanced and peaceful, but somehow history repeats itself and we ended up with a dangerously bad leader...

History also shown, soldiers (at times) when ordered to do so, will refuse such orders and not make war with their own fellow citizens.  Bad leaders were taken down by such events - many times even in recent history.  Robot soldiers will follow orders without hesitation.

White Rose Sophie Scholl, she won't last a day if they were using smart phones then.  Even if somehow opposition gathered enough strength, robots will take care of that.  I am not optimistic about our future.  May be that is why we can't find ET.  They were there, with their technologies, and somehow, they are no more just as they were getting more technologically advanced...

I totally get your philosophical concerns. But, these AI technologies will be developed (self-diving automobiles are a HUGE incentive right now.) And if the technology is developed, then it will be weaponized. Sometimes it is initially developed specifically for weapons and only then made available for civilian purposes. Either way, same result: the technology will be developed and it will be weaponized.

Point being: worrying about it will give you indigestion but will not change the future in any way whatsoever. No amount of political activism will have any influence.

i have 100% certain despite all smoke ... bottom line ...

When in doubt.. press the *** button

The Ultra-Robust collection - (kept the kamikazy drone swarm apart)

I love this shit...  >:D
Paul  ::)

Unless you wish to destroy humanity, technological progress can’t be stopped. If you will not research a technology, someone else will. With nuclear weapons, working on which can be detected from tens to hundreds of kilometers even without explosions,(1) have alternatives and can’t be used in a reasonable warfare, that can be somewhat limited. But not with something as relatively small as robots. Just accept it and focus on ways to control the use.

I believe the whole matter is going to be a horrible philosophical mess. Not because it is particularly tough, but because it involves a complicated net of interlocking biases in perception. While I believe people spending their lives on thinking are capable of dealing with the problem, that is a minority that has only small influence over policies. Evolution shaped the human brain in a way, which makes it undermine any attempt in good reasoing and avoiding that is pain in the ass. A venture most people will never undertake. Based on previous experience, I am already worried about posting in this thread. Much more about how the public debate is going to look and what “arguments” are going to be used.  :scared:

Fortunately, as always, future generations will consider any outcome as something natural. So the whole debate is about us and not making too much mess to fix later. :D

(1) Specific patterns in radiation, the need for large installations that are visible from the space, huge number of people involved to name a few indicators.


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