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RS-232 - still alive and well

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Who else expected a young Chinese girl to not only know what it is but also why it's good to have?

Just looked at the title, yes, I have recently Japanese laptop and found the RS-232 is still alive and well, but that girl on Youtube ...

Well, I expected her to? :-//

She's been around for, let's see, 2015 at least, don't remember how many years before that?  Her appearance is unconventional, I suppose you might say, but she's got lots of electronics/programming/hacker/maker experience.

I haven't followed her career much, but she's definitely out there doing real projects. :-+


Yeah, she sure is showing a lot of boobs, but she's doing real stuff and has become pretty knowledgeable. So, hey, why not.

As to RS232, I haven't used that in over 15 years or so.
If I ever have to occasionally connect to a machine through RS232, I'll just buy a USB-RS232 adapter. But hey.

I use classic asynchronous serial (UART) a lot but not RS232 signalling unless I have to due to choices made by others. RS232 isn't that robust in the end, so either logic level for simplicity and least part count, or some differential solution like RS422/485 or CAN. The latter can be had at the same complexity (a transceiver chip) as RS232.


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