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Run Any Windows 3.1 Game On Windows 10 (Easy)

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you can run old stuff in windows64 bit too  with  ntvdm64  ...  i do know there is another variant  too

I run very old special win 95 apps  in windows 10 x64   for my girlfriend  ...  running directly

sure you have  DosBox and other  softwares  ... 

you mean this

My PC is old. It's circa 2010 but it run Windows 10 fine. A couple days ago out of curiousity I tried to run PC DOS 7.0 and Windows 3.11 with a 2 GB SATA SSD. It run fine but it can only do VGA with Windows 3.11 due to no driver for the ATI Firepro V5800 in the PC. I then plugged in my good old Matrox Millenium II card with 8MB of RAM and voila it would run Windows 3.11 at 1600x1200 and 24 bit color. Much better than I ever had in the old days.

check this project
WRP - Web Rendering Proxy
A browser-in-browser "proxy" server that allows to use historical / vintage web browsers on the modern web. It works by rendering a web page in to a GIF or PNG image with clickable imagemap.


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