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Running Windows 11 on a ANDROID SMARTPHONE ! PC GAMES?


Imagine if you can play PC games and use any Windows app, anytime anywhere by Running Windows 11 on your android smartphone. This video will show you the real android smartphone running Windows 11. No VM, No RDP Connection just pure Windows 11 running natively on Snapdragon 845 Smartphone Chipset. We tried playing AAA titles such as GTA V, Tomb Raider, CS:GO, and Euro Truck Simulator and it actually worked!

Check How It WORKS !

Project Renegade lives here

I'm not sure why anyone would want to downgrade their OS from Android to Windows... but each to their own.

Also, even completely ignoring the emulation overhead that would be required to get current x86 games running...
Who the heck would want to play a pc game with their fingers, covering half the image?


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